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Wooden rollerball pen

The only pen you want to write with from now on.
€44,25 €59,00
Color: Walnut Gold
USP Noble design High-quality wood with unique grain USP Comfortable writing feeling Thanks to thoughtful shape and Faber-Castell refill USP Made in Austria With careful, precise handwork
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
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  • Wood types: Walnut, oak, padouk, plum or smoked oak
  • Refill: Faber-Castell rollerball black
  • Material cap: brass with durable coating in gold or black
  • Closure type: screw cap
  • Dimensions: diameter 12 mm, length 145 mm
  • Weight: 23 g

  • What is the shipping and return shipping process?

Shipping within the EU & return shipping within Germany are free. We have a 30 day Happiness Guarantee: Try your product. You are not satisfied? Then write us and we will send you a return label. Shipping to packing stations is unfortunately not possible.

  • How do I care for the wooden rollerball?

The rollerball pen is sealed with an oil, which protects it from moisture. The seal makes it durable for several years. If you want to freshen up the wood, you can order the care oil from our accessories.

  • Where does the wood come from?

The wood of the rollerball pen is carefully selected by our manufacture in Austria and comes from local wood suppliers. They obtain the wood from sustainable sources, where the corresponding trees grow.

  • How can I change the refill?

You can easily unscrew the front part of the pencil, take out the refill and replace it.

  • Where can I buy refills?

We use very high quality Faber-Castell ink roller refills 148712, which can be found in our store, at numerous online dealers and retailers. There is also the possibility that refills from other companies will fit, we just haven't tested this extensively yet.

  • Does the rollerball come with a refill?

Yes, your rollerball pen comes with a black rollerball refill from Faber-Castell.

  • What materials is the rollerball made of?

The front golden part is made of high quality metal (brass) and the back part is made of solid wood. The refill is also made of metal with a ceramic tip.

Noble & Timeless

Thanks to the noble & timeless design and the combination of wood & metal, your new rollerball pen is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher. Use the wooden rollerball pen for important customer or business appointments, in the office or simply at home.


The cigar shape looks classy and also serves a purpose: the pen is balanced and can easily be put into the pen loop from the notebook.

Designed by us for you

We young woodsmen also spend a lot of time taking notes. That's why we do everything we can to make writing as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

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