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Cover wood for iPhone 12

€13,96 €34,90
Color: Walnut
USP Classy look & slim design Keeps iPhone slim & protects camera USP Easy to apply and remove Residue-free like a bulletproof glass film USP Made in Germany High-tech wood composite refined by hand
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
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  • The smartphone cover made of wood - for everyone who doesn't want to hide their iPhone in a clunky plastic or leather case.
  • Our tinkerer Philipp was tired of the fact that the noble metal frame of the iPhone was always hidden in conventional covers, but the "naked" iPhone tilted through the camera.
  • This WoodCover maintains the high-quality look of your iPhone, but refines it with the natural material wood and prevents tipping. Only the iPhone 12 Max has the camera protruding 1mm.
  • Compatible with:
    • iPhone 12
    • iPhone 12 Mini
    • iPhone 12 Pro
    • iPhone 12 Pro Max (camera sticks out about 1mm more)
  • Compatible with MagSafe chargers. However, the magnetic function of MagSafe accessories may be affected.
  • Weight: 12 g

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The cover is sealed with an oil, which protects it from moisture. The sealing makes it durable for several years. If you want to freshen up the wood, you can order the care oil from our accessories.

Noble appearance

The combination of wood and the high-quality metal frame of your iPhone looks unique. Each cover has a special wood grain and is as individual as you are.

Durable materials

The cover withstands all stresses in everyday life thanks to high-tech 7-layer wood material. This is a proprietary development of ours, very flexible and therefore does not break.

Thin & Light

Your iPhone stays slim and can be comfortably put in your pocket. The back cover is only 1.8 mm thick and due to the omission of a plastic frame, your iPhone will not become wider.

No more tipping

The back lies flat because the cover is flush with the camera. This also protects the lenses of your camera. The camera only protrudes by 1 mm in the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Grip & Non-slip

The smartphone cover fits securely in the hand, thanks to the rough feel of the wood and does not slip from smooth surfaces.

A true hand-flatterer, promised!

Simply stick on and stick off

Thanks to the high-tech adhesive pad, application is simple and the cover can be removed without leaving any residue, just like bulletproof glass.

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