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"Imperfect" serving tray made of solid wood

€72,00 €119,00
Color: Oak
USP Functional design High quality solid wood with practical milling USP Moisture resistant serving tray Durable due to protective lacquer USP Very light & stable Durable and can be used with one hand
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  • width: 36,5 cm, depth: 28 cm, height: 1,8 cm
  • Weight: 435 g
  • Surface treatment: 2-fold sealing with high-quality, moisture-resistant protective varnish


  • The wood surface is slightly rougher and has slight blemishes.
  • The product was sealed with oil and not varnish
    • What are the blemishes here?

    The wood surface is slightly rougher and has slight blemishes. The product was sealed with oil and not varnish.

    • What is the shipping and return shipping process?

    Shipping (EU) & return shipping (DE) are free. We have a 30-day Happiness Guarantee: try your product. You are not satisfied? Then write us and we will send you a free (DE) return label. Shipping to packing stations is unfortunately not possible.

    • Which wood do you use?

    We only use wood that comes from non-endangered forest stands. The serving tray is made of solid wood. Choose from light oak or dark walnut.

    • How strong is the serving tray?

    The tray is resilient enough for all the necessary things for breakfast in bed: e.g. teapot, glasses, a bottle or even plates are no problem for the serving tray.

    • Where to put the serving tray when I don't need it?

    Since the serving tray is very thin, it can be stored in a space-saving way, e.g. on the kitchen island. Alternatively, you can also use it decoratively.

    Unique design meets practical use

    Due to high-quality solid wood and moisture-repellent protective varnish, you will enjoy your serving tray for a long time. Due to the minimalist design you get a timeless accessory, which you can use versatile.

    Long lasting joy for your home

    Matches all interior styles, but not a bit boring! Thanks to milled shape & unique grain - a serving tray that you still love in many years.

    This is JUNGHOLZ

    We want to use wood to make the world more beautiful, greener and more ecological in the 21st century.

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