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"Imperfect" pen tray made of wood

€49,00 €79,00
Color: Oak
USP Real solid wood Looks classy and is especially durable USP Versatile For your pens in the office or keys at home USP Made in Europe Sustainable and regionally produced
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
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  • Height: 19 mm, width: 26 cm, depth: 16 cm
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Sealed with high quality & natural oil
  • The wood grain and color may differ from the pictures.
  • What is the shipping and return shipping process?

Shipping & return shipping are free of charge. We have a 30 day Happiness Guarantee: Try your product. You are not satisfied? Then write to us and we will send you a free return label.

  • What defects can occur with the pen trays?

The pen trays can either have visible milling or smaller spots where wood has broken off on the outside. In addition, there may be oil noses. Unfortunately, it's not possible for you to pick out the flaw.

  • Which slips of paper fit in the pen tray?

Pads of size 75 mm x 75 mm fit perfectly into the note compartment.

  • What pens can I put in it?

The pen recesses are 15 cm long and therefore perfectly suitable for many common ballpoint pens and rollerball pens. However, longer pens also fit in, as the compartment is not interrupted.

Invest in more productivity

Do you know that, you want to concentrate, but the chaos on your desk distracts you?

With the pen tray, you can finally get organized and focus on what's important.

Flexible to use

The subdivision gives you many options to sort your daily necessities in an orderly manner

Designed by us for you

We young woodsmen also spend a lot of time at our desks. That's why we do everything we can to make working at your desk more pleasant.

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We want to use wood to make the world more beautiful, greener and more ecological in the 21st century.

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