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MagSafe 2 in 1 solid wood holder

Best convenience for wireless charging.
€47,60 €119,00
Color: Oak
USP Unique design Real eye-catcher on night - or desk USP 2 charging zones for iPhone & Apple Watch For convenient, simultaneous charging USP Put an end to cable clutter & mess Combine technology with aesthetics
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
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  • MagSafe charger for smartphone & watch not included in the order
  • Width: 15 cm, Depth: 17.5 cm, Height: 1.8 cm
  • Dimensions of cutout for smartphone charger: Ø 5.5 cm
  • Dimensions cutout for smartwatch charger: Ø 2.7 cm
  • Weight: 100 g
  • Surface treatment: high quality oil finish
  • Amazon links to devices: Apple MagSafe char ger & Apple Watch charger.
  • Compatible devices MagSafe: from iPhone 12 and from Apple Watch 1.


  • Design different from our actual product dimensions.
  • Too much oil seal
  • pressure marks in the material
  • small manufacturing defects
    • What is the shipping and return shipping process?

    Shipping (EU) & return shipping (DE) are free of charge. We have a 30 day happiness guarantee: Try your product. You are not satisfied? Then write us and we will send you a free (DE) return label.

    • Are the chargers included?

    No. We only sell the wooden holder without the chargers. If you don't already have a MagSafe charger (wireless charger), we recommend the original Apple charger or chargers with the same dimensions for an optimal fit in the recess. Here are the links to Amazon:
    Apple MagSafe charger:
    Apple Watch charger:

    • How are the chargers attached?

    We use an innovative suction cup film. Simply peel off the protective film and press on the charger. If you want to turn on the charger, just push it out from behind. You can do this an infinite number of times thanks to the suction cup technology.

    • Which chargers fit into the MagSafe 2 in 1 cradle?

    We designed the MagSafe mount for the original Apple chargers for iPhone and Apple Watch. However, there are also cheaper alternatives with the same dimensions. If you already own a charger and are not sure if it fits into the cradle, you can use the 30-day return policy and simply test it out.

    • Which devices can I charge with the MagSafe cradle?

    In principle, you can use it for all devices that can be charged wirelessly. Since we optimized the MagSafe mount for iPhones and Apple Watches, some smartphones may not be suitable for use. The recess for the charger in the mount is Ø 5.5 cm (iPhone) or 2.7 (Apple Watch) wide. All chargers with this diameter or smaller fit in the holder.

    • What kind of wood do you use?

    We only use wood that comes from non-endangered forest stands. The holder is made of solid wood. Choose from light oak or dark walnut.

    Unique design meets innovative charging experience

    Wireless charging has never been so great. From now on, you can charge your iPhone and Apple Watch in one place at the same time - without any tangled wires.

    Space saving & compact

    The MagSafe 2 in 1 mount takes up little space on your desk or nightstand with its compact design.

    This is JUNGHOLZ

    We want to use wood to make the world more beautiful, greener and more ecological in the 21st century.

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