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Laptop table for hotels

For more enthusiastic & relaxed guests
Wood type:
USP Timeless design Elegant real wood laptop table USP Stands securely & feather light Does not tilt & set aside with one hand USP 3 year warranty Indestructible thanks to molded wood and oil finish
Order sample

  • High quality beech molded wood with precious wood (oak/walnut) as top material
  • Robust 2-fold oil sealing.
  • Waterproof & wipeable
  • Load capacity up to approx. 20 kg (corresponds approximately to a large plant or a crate of water or similar).
  • Made in family farms in Europe
  • The wood grain and color may differ from the pictures!
  • What is the order process?

After we receive your order, we will contact you again to discuss delivery details. Depending on the order situation and the size of your order, the order will be processed and shipped to you within 1-4 weeks.

  • Why is there a minimum quantity?

Custom orders require more support before and after the purchase. We have currently optimized our processes so that we can offer as little as 5 pieces. If you need larger quantities, we can accommodate that. Just make an individual request!

  • Is there a right of return?

If the laptop table is without engraving, yes. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a return policy for engraved products. However, you can order a sample and get an idea of the product. In the case of damage due to production errors or shipping, we will of course pay for it.

  • What is the difference between the small, medium and large table?

The large table is mainly suitable for those who like to have a lot of space when working, need space for a mouse or a cup in addition to the laptop, or very much like to have breakfast in bed. The places of use are rather large couches and the bed, and you can even fit two with a comforter underneath.

The "small" is for those who need less space to work or like to work on the couch. Due to the small format, the laptop table Mini is especially suitable for working on narrow couches. We often take it with us on vacation, so that you can also watch series in hotels.

The "Medium" is the all-rounder: you can still use it on smaller couches with enough space for a mouse or cup. But it is also good for series evenings in bed and the comforter still fits underneath.

Our tip: Use the AR function to virtually place each laptop table on your couch or bed to get a better feel for the size.

  • How do I care for the table?

The laptop table is sealed with a very thin layer of oil. This protects the wood from moisture. This means that you do not need to treat the table with oil. Just use a damp cloth to clean it - done!

  • Which wood do you use?

We use resource-saving veneer, which is shaped. The core of the table is made of beech wood. The top layers of walnut and oak come from America and Europe, respectively.

  • How resilient is the table?

The founder Philipp likes to stand on the table at trade fairs to demonstrate its stability. In short: e.g. a large plant is no problem for the table.

  • Where to put the table when the guest is not working on it or having breakfast?

The table can be used great side table or accessory on the bed. It is light as a feather and can be used by the guest where he needs it.

Perfect for your hotel experience

Offer your guests a unique hotel room experience with our laptop table. Designed specifically for hotels, it offers comfort, flexibility and stylish design. A must-have accessory for your hotel that will ensure long-lasting guest enjoyment.


  • Timeless design for long lasting use
  • High-quality molded wood with precious veneer surface
  • Versatile use thanks to well thought-out design

Quick with you

Depending on the order size and current table stock, your laptop tables will be with you after 2-5 days.