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Laptop dock from solid wood

Your ergonomic eye-catcher on your desk.
€96,75 €129,00
Color: Oak
USP Slim & filigree design Eye-catcher and organizer on the desk at the same time USP Steplessly adjustable Adapts to your devices individually USP Solid and high quality Very stable thanks to heavy weight and suction cup feet
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
Auf Lager, In 2-5 Tagen bei dir
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  • The idea We improve the organization on your desk by storing your technology in a space-saving way. The Laptop Dock is your eye-catcher at the workplace.
  • The Manufacturing The wooden parts are milled from solid wood, sanded and oiled for a great finish. The 4mm solid steel plate is laser cut and powder coated black matte.
  • Overall concept All products of the JUNGHOLZ desk equipment are designed to harmonize perfectly with each other.
  • Dock Single:
    Height: 7.5 cm, Length: 25 cm, Width: 4.6-5.8 cm
    Weight: 450 g

  • Dock Dual:
    Height: 7.5 cm, Length: 25 cm, Width: 6.9-8.1 cm
    Weight: 690 g
  • Compatible with all MacBooks, many notebooks & tablets
  • Sealed with high quality & natural oil
  • Wood grain & color may vary from pictures
  • Assembly, mounting & packing in Germany
  • What is the shipping and return shipping process?

Shipping (EU) & return shipping (DE) are free of charge. We have a 30 day happiness guarantee: Try your product. You are not satisfied? Then write to us and we will send you a return label. Shipping to packing stations is unfortunately not possible.

  • With which laptops and tablets is the Laptop Dock compatible?

Our laptop docks are suitable for all MacBooks, iPads, many other laptops and tablets. If you're not sure if your device will stand securely, just try the Laptop Dock for 30 days.

  • How do I adjust the laptop dock?
  1. Loosen the screws easily with the included angle wrench
  2. Insert your laptop and/or tablet into the dock and lightly press the wooden jaws together.
  3. Then tighten the screws again.
  • How does the suction cup work?

Simply peel off the protective films and place the dock on the desired location. A clean, smooth surface will strengthen the adhesion. For easier removal, "twist" the dock over one side. You can use a damp cloth to clean the suction cup film if necessary to improve the suction effect again.

      Functional design

      The Laptop Dock is made of fine hardwoods in a sleek design and adds a warm and appealing touch to your workspace.

      From now on, your technology always has its fixed place for more order and clarity.

      Solid quality

      Our laptop docks are made of solid hardwood and screwed to a 4mm steel plate.

      In addition, suction cup pads are attached to the bottom, which securely attaches the dock to the work surface.

      Your devices are securely stored and you can easily use them with one hand.

      Infinitely adjustable

      Through slotted holes in the steel plate, you can adjust the dock continuously to your devices.

      So you are equipped for a long time for all possible purchases in the future.

      Your advantages

      Long lasting pleasure

      For design lovers

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